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ABOUT Patricia van Poppel

Patricia van Poppel, RMT, CLT, CHP

I am originally from The Netherlands and immigrated with my family to Canada in 2003.

Our journey started in Calgary, AB and after some moves around the country, we’re very excited to return to where it all started.

For 8 years, I operated my own private clinic in Melville, SK and was blessed to be able to travel the world to gain more experience and understanding of the issues related to Lymphedema.

I have volunteered several times at the Lymphedema Filariasis clinic in Leogane, Haiti and the highlight of my career was an amazing internship with Dr. Treadwell at the Institute of Advanced Wound care in Montgomery, Alabama.

These specialized trainings and experiences have given me the passion and drive to offer an unique and diverse platform to treat many areas associated with acute & chronic pain, tightness, swelling, surgical adhesions, scar tissue (mal)formations, limitations in range of motion, and the phases of wound healing.

I’ve been very fortunate to see some incredible results in my treatment room working with many cosmetic, aesthetic, orthopedic & oncology surgery patients, addressing each individual’s health issue or concern with the most important objective to improve their quality of life.

I plan to further my education in these areas by continuing education, expanding my knowledge base and adopting new therapeutic practices.

I am excited to be a part of the Healthflow Naturopathic Wellness team and to be able to assist you to improve your overall health and well-being.


Patricia developed a strong passion in treating post-surgery 

patients combining and integrating the gentle techniques used

 in lymphatic massage with the techniques used to release the myofascial system and understanding the process of 

wound healing to promote a faster recovery.


Patricia is the only practitioner in Alberta certified in both Lymphedema and Wound care.

Patricia holds the following certifications:

2200 Hour Registered Massage Therapy
1800 Hour Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration
550 Hour Certified International Lymphedema and Wound care 

UVIC Wound Management for Health Care Professionals

Wound Debridement Specialist

Axillary Web Syndrome Specialist
 Massage for People living with Cancer Therapist
Dynamic Cupping

Madero Therapy


Covid-19  Preventing Disease Transmission in Your Massage Practice


Patricia offers the highest quality care, customized to your (the      client) specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you, the individual.

Humanitarian Mission Lymphedema Filariasis Clinic, Leogane, Haiti 2015

Patricia wrote an article in Canada's Lymphedema Magazine: Pathways, about her experience working in one of the poorest countries in the World with levels of high crime, poverty, and where health care is scarce.

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Patricia van Poppel is available during the day, in the evening and weekends. 

Please check on-line or call the clinic for availability.